STAFF: Can you give a little background information on yourself and tell me how you found out about dewpoint?

TAIT: I earned my MFA in Writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2000. Having lived in California, Hawaii, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Vermont, I now live with my family and teach/write/instruct yoga and meditation in the High Rockies of Colorado. I read about dewpoint in Poets & Writers Magazine and decided it might be a good fit as a home for some of my poems!

S: Is there a fun bit of trivia about your hometown?

T: Minturn, where I live, is an old mining town that, with the advent of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in 1887, became a booming hub for transportation and industry. Though somewhat in the shadow of the resort town of Vail, Minturn has maintained its Wild West flavor and has a reputation as the friendliest town in the Rockies. Plus, you can ski/snowboard from Vail right to my front door via the “Minturn Mile”!

S: What is the title of the piece you published in dewpoint? What was your inspiration?

T: The poem of mine that appears in dewpoint is called “Dreaming of Dahlias.” It was inspired by the Keatsian question about the relationship between love and beauty…and by a fine spring day in Switzerland when the dahlias were in bloom.

S: Who is your favorite writer? In what way has his/her work influenced your own?

T: There are too many beloved authors/poets to name, but I think Rilke currently holds the position of “center of my writing heart.” His philosophical ruminations, as well as his deft handling of language, provide a model I can only hope to emulate…in my life and in my work.

S: Have you published any other creative writing? Is it available to the public?

T: My poems have appeared in reputable literary journals and magazines in the U.S. and abroad including the Southern Indiana Review, Magma Poetry, Hunger Mountain, Poetry Canada, and Bamboo Ridge. I also have a chapbook of poems called Element, published by Leaping Dog Press in 2005.

******Kim Cope Tait has a number of other self-published works that are available for purchase on Amazon as well as a YouTube channel that features two installments from her meditation CD entitled “Lotus Wheel: Guided Meditations for Relaxation and Healing.” If you wish to procure a copy of the dewpoint edition that features “Dreaming of Dahlias,” please email us at for further information.

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